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UMRAH 2016 Provisional Itenary

About Us

Millath Haj Service founded in 1993 and Ahmed World Travels Tours & Cargo Pvt.Ltd founded in 1989 is headed by MD Alhaj Muzaffer Ahmed & Director Hajia A.S.Fathima Muzaffer. Ahmed World Travels Tours & Cargo Pvt.Ltd., Is a multi product travel service provider, offering its customer a one stop shop for all travel related services. To exclusively cater to Haj, umrah & Ziarath piligrims Millath Haj Service is equipped with well experience staff, qualified Aalims and Aalima who render personal services to each piligrims, conduct orientation classes before departure and accompany the groups during pilgrimage. Umrah package cost includes: Flight Tickets, visa charges, Accommodation, Food, transfers and sight seeing. All fares are per person basis & fixed- NOT NEGOTIABLE! Any increase in Air Fare, Foreign Exchange & Hotel Cost before departure the difference in rate to be borne by the passenger.


Abu Hurayrah (R.A) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said : 'One Umrah expiates the sins until the next Umrah. And the Haj that is accepted by Allah and performed properly has no reward other than paradise. - Sahih Bukhari.

The Prophet (SAW) Said 'An Umrah during the month of Ramzan is equivalent to a Haj – Tirimidhi, Ibnu Majah.

Prophet (Saw) said : Perform Haj and Umrah frequently. For those two remove your sins as the blacksmith removes the rust from the iron – Nasahi.

  • Ihram 1set, Travel Bag 1, Chappal Bag, Tawaf Tasbi, Dua Book

  • Laundry Service, Sim Card, ZamZam 5 Liters

  • Everyday Catering arranged with menu consisting of tasty Indian food with Tea,Fruits& Milk;

  • A/C Coaches for all road travels
  • Advance Amount: by cash/cheque/DD/RTGS Bank Transfer in favour of For Umrah - Ahmed World Travels Pvt Ltd Rs.35000/- for Haj- Millath Haj Service- Rs1,00,000/-
  • Original Passport with 6 Months minimum validity from the date of departure and minimum 2 empty pages
  • Colour photo in pure white background size: 4cm X 6cm. For umrah-6 Photos, For Haj-15 Photos + 5 stamp size photos
  • Foreign Passport holders have to give original PIO/OCI cards
Our Product and Services
Airlines Ticketing Domestic & International Passport Assistance
Haj , Umrah & Ziarath Western Union Money Transfer
Authorised Indian Railways Ticket Services Agent (IRCTC) Visa Processing & Assistance
Foreign Exchange And Money Changer Tour Domestic & International
Our Accreditations
IATA Approved Travel Agency IAAI Approved Travel Agency
Active Member of Travel Agents Association. Of India, TAAI. Full Fledged money Changer(FFMC) Recognised. By RBI.
Recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. ITDC. Regular Member of all India haj Umrah Tour Organisers. Ass., Mumbai, (AIHUTOA).
Authorised Indian Railways Ticket Service Agent (IRCTC) Government of India MEA-Haj Tour operator
Travel Agent Federation of India Authorised stockist of 200 Airlines.


Star Hotel - 400 mtrs Distance from Haram

4-5 Person per room

Rs. 60,000/-

3 Person per room

Rs. 65,000/

2 Person per room


Group No Cost Onwards Return No of Days No of Seats
1. Rs.60,000/- 27 Nov-2016 Sunday 10-Dec-2016 Saturday 14 Days 50
2. Rs.60,000/- 04-Dec-2016 Sunday 17-Dec-2016 Saturday 14 Days 50
3. Rs.60,000/- 07-Dec-2016 Wednesday 20-Dec-2016 Tuesday 14 Days 50
4. Rs.60,000/- 11-Dec-2016 Sunday 24-Dec-2016  Saturday 14 Days 50
5. Rs.60,000/- 15-Dec-2016 Thursday 28-Dec-2016 Wednesday 14 Days 50
6. Rs.72,500/- 18-Dec-2016 Sunday 07-Jan-2017 Saturday 21 Days 75
7. Rs.60,000/- 20-Dec-2016 Tuesday 02-Jan-2017 Monday 14 Days 50
8. Rs.60,000/- 25-Dec-2016 Sunday 07-Jan-2017 Saturday 14 Days 50

Umrah Package Guide


Your check in luggages (not more than 20kg one luggage per person) WRITE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS & AHMED WORLD TRAVELS names BOLDLY on your luggages for identification (it is recommended to tie special identification ribbons). Hand carry luggage should not exceed 7 kg.


Immigration and customs clearance at Jeddah Airport, It takes nearly 3 hours (or more) to complete all formalities. SO KINDLY HAND CARRY SOME SNACKS / SHORT EATS/ WATER & YOUR MEDICINES. (All medicines should have doctor's prescription and bill).


Check in at Hotel in Makkah and perform Umrah & Regularize the prayers in Makkah.


Arrive at Madinah. The Madinah travel will be organized after arriving in Makkah.


  1. Travel Bag -1
  2. 1 set of Makhna for Ladies,
  3. 1 set of lhram cloth for Gents.
  4. Guidance! Dua Books.
  5. Tazbi for Tawaf.
  6. Chappal bag.
  7. 5 Litres Zam Zam


  • Keep your regular medicines for 15 days (with doctor's latest prescription) Buy Moov Ointment, Candid Powder, Crack Cream and Vaseline for thigh rashes, medicines for fever, cough & cold.
  • 1 extra Ihram, Toiletries, 1 Extra pair of Ihram cloth.
  • Clothing: For Men 3/4 sets of shirts & pants, 4/5 lungies or pyjamas, woolen clothes. For Women: 4 Nighties or Punjabi dresses (or) 3 sets of sarees & 1 Burqah, Woolen clothes.
  • Quran, Prayer Mat, Sweater, Muffler, Two sets of Hawaii Slippers.
  • For inform people: Folding Stool, Commode, Wheel Chair, Walking Stick.


  • Food will not be provided in airports, during intercity transfers. Personal food demands will not be entertained. Special food for Infants, Old Age people or Medical patients will have to be arranged by Pilgrims himself.
  • Guests and relatives of pilgrims are not allowed to eat or stay in hajees hotels. If hajees want to host their relatives, friends they have to inform in advance and pay the food / hotel charges.
  • Laundry Services: AHMED WORLD TRAVELS shall not be responsible for any loss, delay and fading of color, stains of any type or shrinking of clothes by the laundry service provider. Laundry is complimentary service only.
  • Ahmed World Travels are operators only, we do not control any Airline, nor we control any Moallim, Coach Company, Hotel, Transport or any other service mentioned in the website brochure / pamphlet, as they are independently operating agencies. But we take care in selecting the necessary facilities required for conducting the Tour keeping in mind pilgrims benefit & comfort. We select them and inspect them but we cannot be responsible for any Delay or improper services provided by these Independent agencies.
  • In case of Injury, Death or Loss / Damage which is caused by the act of default of the management or employees of any Hotelier, Airlines, Moallim, Coach Operator Company who are independent contractors arising outside our normal selection and inspection process. We are not responsible for the delayed / deficient services if any granted by them or / any act or actions of co-travelers.
  • It is incumbent upon all pilgrims to abide by the rules and regulations enforced By the 'AHMED WORLD TRAVELS, SAUDI ARABIAN AUTHORITIES and GOVT. OF INDIA from time to time for the pilgrims in connection with the Umrah pilgrimage.
  • It should be ensured that no prohibited / contraband articles are carried by the pilgrims during tour. Anyone violating these rules will be doing so at his/her own risk/peril. 'AHMED WORLD TRAVELS' will not be responsible for their acts.
  • Our 'UMRAH' programmes are based on special group rates which are available subject to a minimum number of passengers traveling together. Therefore 'AHMED WORLD TRAVELS' reserves the right to cancel or modify these programmes should minimum number of pilgrims are not achieved.
  • 'AHMED WORLD TRAVELS' is not liable in any way for cancellation or alternations caused by war, or the threat of war, civil commotions, strikes, natural disaster, terrorist activities, problem with transportation flight cancellations, the closure of airports or any other events beyond the direct control of 'AHMED WORLD TRAVELS'
  • Should such circumstances occur before the customers pilgrims departure date AHMED WORLD TRAVELS will, if possible, offer alternative arrangements and make price adjustments accordingly. In the event of cancellations under such circumstances a refund will be made after deducting charges incurred towards UMRAH arrangement.
  • On commencement of the Umrah journey the pilgrims have to cooperate and abide by the instructions given by the group leader. If on arrival at Makkah / Madinah the pilgrim wishes to alter his package / change the hotel provided by AHMED WORLD TRAVELS it has to be arranged by the pilgrims and the cost has to be borne by the pilgrim themselves. No refund will be provided by 'AHMED WORLD TRAVELS'
  • Satisfaction of the Pilgrim is our prime consideration any claim or complaint by the pilgrims must be intimated to AHMED WORLD TRAVELS. In the very unlikely event of there being something not to your satisfaction on the pilgrimage that is directly under our control, it should be reported immediately so that there is an opportunity to correct / rectify the same. The tour operator shall not accept liability in respect of claims which are not reported to us immediately.
  • Room allotment as per our arrangements, No choice of room will be entertained.
  • • AHMED WORLD TRAVELS accepts no responsibility for Luggage Losses, Money Loss, Injuries, Damages, Accidents and Additional Expenses due to any reason for example Delay of flights, offloading by airline, Misconnection, Sickness, Bad Weather, Strike, War, Transport breakdown or the Closure of Airport. Pilgrims are sole responsible for their luggage and belongings be it at airport or hotel premises.
  • • AHMED WORLD TRAVELS will not be responsible if the pilgrim misses his flight due to any reason and in such case the passengers will have to bear the cost of rescheduling in case the ticket can be rescheduled or else if the ticket is non refundable no refund will be made at all If during the period of rescheduling the Umrah visa expires new visa fees has to be paid by pilgrim.
  • • Due to unavoidable circumstances changes and alterations in the package have to be made regarding hotel, Bus, staying period or change of flight. AHMED WORLD TRAVELS reserves the right to make alterations which pilgrim has to accept and for which no refund shall be made nor any claim shall be entertained.
  • • After entering into Saudi Arabia pilgrim of AHMED WORLD TRAVELS shall not be allowed to leave his / her companionship with his/her group. He/she will have to travel with the group and will not be allowed under any circumstances to leave the group. Once the Pilgrim reaches Jeddah, passports will be taken by Umrah Company and will be under their custody till the return.
  • • Partly utilized services are also considered as fully utilized. In such circumstances no refund shall be applicable.
  • • Handicap / old / sick pilgrims have to be accompanied by a relative and are requested to carry their own wheel chair. Special requests (pregnant or handicapped) if any please inform before departure without fail.
  • • All payments should be cleared 15 days before departure. Visa stamping is subject to approval by Saudi Embassy. AHMED WORLD TRAVELS will not be responsible for any delay, rejection or mistake by Saudi Embassy and in that case Mofa fees will have to be paid by Pilgrim. Visa stamping fees is non refundable.
  • • Any pilgrim using foul language or bad words or trying to create nuisance and fight in the group will be immediately separated from the group and will be left on his own. No refund will be given to him whatsoever and in extreme cases he will be handed over to the police.
  • • AHMED WORLD TRAVELS is not responsible for inconveniences caused during Umrah pilgrimage.
  • • Whatever nature relating to the tours marketed / coordinated by AHMED WORLD TRAVELS the matter will be settled in arbitrary manner and amicably solved


We are thankful to you for giving us the Honour of Serving you. Looking forward to serving you in future too, Insha Allah.

Alhaj Muzaffer Ahmed
Managing Director
Cell:+91 98410 37786 / 94450 7485
Hajia Fathima Muzaffer
Cell:+91 99418 37786 / 72995 81786
Mr.Mohammed Shakir
Senior Manager
Cell:+91 98410 69469

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